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Longs are normally used to profit in uptrend movements in the market, while shorts are designed to be profitable in downward movements of the market. In a long, the trader borrows fiat and buys into the market in the belief that the price will rise in the future. If the price rises and the trader sells, the trader walks away with the net profit of the trade. In a short, the trader borrows the asset from the lender and sells it in the market for fiat in the belief that the price will fall. If the price falls and the trader buys back the assets, the leftover fiat minus fees is considered net profit for the investor. Trading Margin with Cryptos. When trading margin in cryptocurrencies, the common method of leveraged trading is via a multiplier. This multiplier can range from 2 to 200 times the order amount. In the previously given example, the loan would have amounted to a multiplier of 2x. Using the Bitmex.com platform you place can an order for ten thousand contracts. Long. Short. Conclusion. Jack Donaghy.